December 5th, 2021


at Funkadelic Studios in NYC


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December 8th, 2021


at Wonderville in Brooklyn


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Let’s Go Train Walkers!!!!



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Who are we?

We are a group of subway performers from NYC who came together as a band with our own unique style.

With different musical genres influencing each member of the band we have a type of sound that’ll grab your attention as we stand out as an independent band.



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The Trains 

Jade Zabric hails from Houston, Texas and she is a U.S. Air Force Veteran. While serving in the military Jade toured in the Air Force morale band playing guitar, playing at shows for troops and civilians all around the world. After serving in the Air Force, Jade moved to New York City and turned the city’s subway to her new stage as she sang covers and original songs for subway passengers either as a solo act or along with her friends and fellow Train Walkers.

Jade Zabric


Adrian Elias, also known as A-d, or Adrian from the Bronx, is a Hip Hop artist, a native New Yorker and a U.S. Navy Veteran. After serving in the military, Adrian became heavily involved with NYC’s underground Hip Hop scene and eventually teamed up with Jade Zabric which would be the start of the Train Walkers movement.

Adrian from the Bronx

President MC

Dale Novella brings soul to each note that graces her lips; which is no surprise from her Southern roots and brown liquor preference. A powerhouse vocalist, Novella in her own style, replicates hit songs power note for power note, and produces her own original songs with equal fire.

Dale Novella


Troy Weekes is a singer who hails from Harlem, New York. Aside from serenading crowds as a singer, Troy is also a songwriter, an actor and a dancer as well. Troy is without a doubt a multi talented performer and he got his first TV debut on Showtime at the Apollo in 2005, being runner up on the show. When not working on his own project, he can be seen performing with his band Ji- Groove and hosting events all across America.

Troy Weekes


Lex Rush, a Queens native, is a champion of multiple freestyle/battle events, including Freestyle Mondays and Supreme BARS. Dubbed “First Lady of Freestyle Rap” by the Village Voice, she’s battle rapped on MTV and was featured on Spectrum News NY1. 

Lex Rush


J La Sol is an emcee and poet from Queens, NY. His music is inspired by a jazz/funk/soul influence. He aims to uplift as many people as possible, and he does this by sharing his talents on stages, subways, streets, etc.

J La Sol





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